Rapid Fire of Meta Ads Tips

Rapid fire of Meta ads tips LET’S GO!

There is no guaranteed hack that will always work.
Run from people who make those guarantees.
When in doubt, keep it simple.
Optimize for the action you want… most of the time.
Be careful with top-of-the-funnel optimization.
Meta doesn’t care about quality.
Results that seem too good to be true usually are.
Don’t blame the algorithm when your ads fail.
Know how the algorithm works.
Know and follow the rules or get shut down.
Always use All Placements when optimizing for a conversion.
Spend what it takes to get at least 50 optimized actions per week.
Pick clients who set you up for success.
Experiment today, tomorrow, and next week.
Stop obsessing over interests and lookalikes.
Broad targeting is often the way to go with cold audiences.
The pixel isn’t dead yet — stop saying that it is.
Attribution isn’t dead post iOS 14 — stop saying that it is.
Pay attention to the stuff happening in the EU.
It will eventually spread across the rest of the world.
What worked yesterday may not work today.
What works today may not work tomorrow.