Reframing: Quantity Over Polish

Let’s talk about Quality vs. Quantity. I know, you think you know where this is going. But I’m telling you, we have this all wrong.

I keep seeing marketers say this about content creation: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. But their framing of it is completely misleading.

They frame it as two options:

1. Three high-quality videos
2. Or a whole bunch of TRASH

Obviously, you prefer the three high-quality videos. But, that’s not what the quality vs. quantity debate is about.

Let’s reframe it. Instead, use POLISH vs. Quantity.

We often mistake POLISH for QUALITY. But unpolished content can offer just as much value as POLISHED content.

\You can spend hours worrying about the lighting and editing and getting it perfect. What’s most important is the MESSAGE.

You shouldn’t resist publishing content due to a lack of POLISH. And it’s possible you could offer more value by worrying less about polish.

Myself included! I spend about an hour per video. But I know that I could easily cut that down to 15 to 30 minutes. I just wouldn’t mess around so much with the editing and captions.

You want to create good content. Don’t obsess over the polish. It’s QUANTITY of value over POLISH.