Publish Ads to Your Page Again

Yep, you can do that again.

A few weeks back, I created a video about a bug related to Meta Page Posts. In the past, we’d been able to publish ads to our page here, but that was no longer possible for link ads. You could only do it with videos.

I received several comments about this related to what reps were saying. Some said reps told them Page Posts was going away. Some said it already went away. And basically, this wasn’t a bug because it’s not going to keep working anyway.

Well, a weird thing happened. Shortly after I published my video, this functionality returned. I can now publish my link ads again. See if you can, too.

1. Go to Page Posts.
2. Click on Ad Posts.
3. Select the ad.
4. Go to the actions menu and select Publish.
5. Are you sure? Select “Yes.”

This is a strategy you can use to leverage engagement on your ads. It will be published to your page with engagement already there.

Maybe this is still going away, but it works now. Use it while you can.