Performance Goals I Use Most

Performance goals define what it is you’re trying to accomplish in the ad set. This is what defines how Meta will optimize to deliver your ads and determines performance in your Results column.

There are 21 performance goals in all, but I don’t use most of them. More accurately, I’ve used most of them at some point, but the majority of my ad sets use one of three performance goals.

1. Maximize Conversions

I use Maximize Conversions for every step of the funnel when sending people to my website.

For sales, I use it with the Purchase conversion event.

For website leads, I use it with Complete Registration.

For quality traffic, I use it with custom events based on quality website traffic actions.

Maximize Conversions

2. Leads

I also build my email list using instant forms, so I use the Leads performance goal.

Leads Performance Goal

Lately, I’ve found that instant forms provide cheaper leads while maintaining the same level of quality as website leads.

3. Reach

Beyond that, the next most common I use is probably Reach.


I’m not using it at this moment, but I’ll use it for abandoned cart remarketing. It allows me to target tiny and relevant audiences without worrying about exiting learning, and I get to use the frequency cap to control how often it’s shown.

Frequency Cap

That’s what I do. Which performance goals do you use most?