Optimize for the Action You Want

Stop overcomplicating this! Optimize for the action you want…

When you set a performance goal of link clicks, landing page views, or engagement, you are likely throwing your money away.

Advertisers who do this often make false assumptions. They assume that more traffic will equal more sales. They assume that more engagement will equal more sales.

They are almost always wrong. The reason is simple.

Ad-generated traffic and engagement are not the same as organic traffic and engagement. These people do not behave the same way.

These campaigns often lead to some of the lowest-quality results. Cheap results. But you cannot expect that generating more of these cheap actions will lead to more sales.

You’re not going to outsmart the algorithm by taking this approach. You’ll just end up disappointed.

If you want purchases, optimize for purchases in most cases. There are exceptions. But know the risk you’re taking when you optimize for these actions.