Only 7.7% of Facebook Views Included Links

Only 7.7% of views on Facebook were posts with links. What does that mean? Are links on Facebook doomed?

In Meta’s Most Viewed Content Report for Q1 of 2023, it was revealed that 92.3% of all views didn’t include a link. In Q3 of 2021, the share of views that included links was 13.5%.

Views of posts with links have nearly dropped in half since then.

Does that mean that the algorithm deprioritizes links? Or that users are simply sharing fewer links now?

When you think about it, this isn’t all that difficult to understand. While Meta may favor videos now, users create far more videos and Reels than they did a year and a half ago. While videos can include links, they rarely do.

That rise in video adoption alone could explain the drop in link percentage.

As a marketer, this doesn’t mean that you should never share a link again. You still need to drive traffic to your blog post or opt-in or product. I do.

But if you haven’t started creating videos, you need to leverage that format, too. Keep sharing those links, but mix in the videos as well.

Links aren’t doomed. It’s just a matter of understanding the rise of videos.