A Big Mistake Facebook Advertisers Make

One of the biggest mistakes Facebook advertisers make is related to conversion rate. Is this you?

You’re looking at your Google Analytics for a product landing page. And you realize that you have a 10% conversion rate. Suddenly, the wheels start spinning…

If I send 100 people to this page, I’ll get 10 sales. If I send 1,000 people to this page, I’ll get 100 sales. If I send 1 MILLION people…

So, suddenly you feel super smart. You create a campaign with the goal of sending the most traffic at the lowest price possible. You optimize for link clicks or landing page views.

Then the results start coming in. No conversions. Why wouldn’t that conversion rate stick? You might even blame Facebook.

But now you might be realizing that not all clicks — and all traffic — are created equal. Someone who organically goes to your product landing page is far more valuable than someone whom Facebook sends when optimizing for a link click.

When optimizing for a link click, Facebook is only concerned about getting you as many clicks as possible at the lowest cost. So, these people will NOT be the equivalent of what you’re seeing in that conversion rate.

But if you optimize for a purchase, you might actually see similar results. The cost to send them will be more, but they’ll convert at a solid rate.

Sending cheap traffic is not how you scale. Don’t try to outsmart the algorithm. It will not work.