New Instagram Metric in Ads Manager

There’s a new Instagram metric in Ads Manager.

A few weeks ago, Meta started rolling out the Instagram Profile conversion location for Traffic campaigns. When selected, the Performance Goal is Instagram Profile Visits.

At the time there didn’t appear to be an Ads Manager metric for this. At least I didn’t have it, since I went through those steps for a tutorial.

You should have it now.

Customize columns in Ads Manager, and at the bottom of Clicks in Engagement, you’ll find Instagram Profile Visits.

You don’t need to optimize for Instagram Profile Visits to use this metric.
When you add a column for Instagram Profile Visits to Ads Manager, you should then see which campaigns, ad sets, and ads are driving those visits.

If you use any Instagram placements, you’re bound to get some of these actions. If you add URL parameters to links on your Instagram profile, you could get a sense of the percentage of visits that lead to clicks on those links.

Check it out and let me know what you think!