New Instagram Ads Option in Ads Manager

There’s a new option for Instagram ads…

In Ads Manager, create a campaign with the Traffic objective. In the ad set under conversion location, there is now an option for Instagram Profile.

When you select it, the performance goal is set to “Maximize number of Instagram profile visits.” No other options.

If you manually select placements, you’ll see that only Instagram placements are available.

When you create the ad, the CTA is automatically set to “Visit Instagram Profile.”

When should you use this? This isn’t for increasing followers or even driving people to your Shop. It’s optimized for profile visits only so that’s all the algorithm cares about — not followers or sales.

But maybe your Instagram profile behaves as your home base. Good business description, list of links, and photos and videos that educate your audience.

Honestly, I can see a reason for me to at least try it. The question will be how to actually measure the impact.

It’s interesting though. Will you try out the Instagram Profile conversion location?