Meta Verified is Coming to Businesses

Back in March, Meta rolled out Meta Verified for creators, which didn’t include businesses wanting verification. That’s changing now.

Businesses can get verified on Facebook and Instagram to get access to the following benefits:

• A verified badge
• Impersonation protection
• Account support
• Improved discovery

You’ll recall that when Meta Verified was launched for creators, it initially included increased reach. But that was quickly taken away.

Businesses who sign up for Meta Verified will get improved discovery in the form of appearing at the top or near the top of search results and appearing in a “Recommended Meta Verified Businesses” carousel.

The cost is $21.99 per month for either Facebook (which also includes Messenger) or Instagram (which also includes Threads). This is a big increase from the $11.99 price tag for creators, but the increased discovery could be worth it.

Meta will also offer a package deal for both Facebook and Instagram at $34.99 per month.

Would you get your business Meta Verified? What do you think?