Meta Announces Advantage+ Audience

Meta just announced Advantage+ Audience. Here’s what we know…

This comes from an announcement about several AI-powered tools that will be rolling out for advertisers.

Advantage+ Audience got my attention. First, note that this is new. Do not confuse this with Advantage Detailed Targeting, Advantage Lookalikes, or Advantage Custom Audience. Yeah, I have no idea why everything needs to sound the same.

Here’s how it works…

“Instead of using an advertiser’s audience targeting inputs as hard constraints, such as Men, 18-35 years, who like baseball, advertisers who use Advantage+ audience will add their audience inputs as suggestions to guide who sees an ad. This allows our ad system to find more people outside of those suggestions if we think they will be interested and likely to convert.”

Unlike the expansion tools that will actually target the audience you input and will only expand it if you can get more results, Advantage+ Audience uses your input only as a suggestion.

This might be a nice middle ground for those who are wary of using completely broad targeting because they think Meta needs some direction. This is that direction.

Advantage+ Audience is being tested with a small group and will be rolled out more broadly in the coming months, whenever that is.