Look At Your Ads Budget Differently

Are you looking at your Facebook ads budget all wrong?

Nearly every advertiser does this the same way. We start with a low budget to test. We get great results. And then we want to increase the budget to scale our results.

But we also know that doing so is a huge risk. Increasing the budget will likely restart the learning phase, and our great results will disappear.

So, maybe we’re approaching this wrong. Instead of testing at a low budget (without confidence that it will work), why not test at the budget we plan to increase to if all goes well?

I get the resistance to that. But hear me out. It doesn’t mean that you need to waste a bunch of money.

By starting at a higher budget, you also put yourself in a better position to properly optimize. If you don’t get the results you want, you can pull back on the budget. And if the results are what you want, you won’t need to increase the budget. You’re already where you want to be.

Too obvious? What do you think?