Limit the Number of Campaigns

Do you need all of those campaigns?

A common advertising strategy is to create campaigns for every step of the funnel. Campaigns for…

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Sales

Even if it’s not to this extreme, many advertisers create campaigns for the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. And they’ll create multiple campaigns for each stage.

Why This is Detrimental

This is a very 2017 approach, and it often limits the amount you can spend on sales and leads.

Big budget advertisers can throw money around at the top of the funnel without taking from the bottom. But for most advertisers, it just pulls budget away from your most important campaigns.

If you’re like the vast majority of advertisers, you have a limit on how much you can spend every day or month. Sales campaigns, in particular, need the most budget to generate enough volume to be effective and properly optimized.

While top of funnel campaigns can have some positive impact, it’s often not worth the negative impact of taking potential budget away from your sales and leads campaigns.

Top of Funnel Weaknesses

Optimizing for top of the funnel is mostly a waste of money. The algorithm has no filter for quality engagement or traffic, so you’re paying for paper thin results.

If you optimize for link clicks or landing page views, the algorithm’s only focus is on getting you clicks.

Link Clicks and Landing Page Views

There is no concern for how long someone spends on your website or whether these people may eventually buy from you. You care about that, but the algorithm does not.

This same issue comes about when optimizing for post engagement or ThruPlay. The algorithm will take advantage of placements that are prone to generating that action, like Audience Network Rewarded Video for ThruPlay.

Audience Network Rewarded Video

If you get more ThruPlays than people reached, know that these results are too good to be true. These people were forced or incentivized to watch your video.

Focus Your Budget

Prioritize sales and leads campaigns. This allows you to consolidate your budget on what’s most important, free of clutter that can lead to Auction Overlap. And it gives your ad sets more opportunity to properly optimize.

I recommend a simplified approach to your Meta ads strategy. Learn all about it here: A Simplified Meta Ads Strategy for Optimal Results.