Lighting Setup for Short-Form Video

Here’s how I set up my lighting for video recording…

1. I use two Neewer 90 Watt LED lights that are mounted to each side of my desk. You can adjust the brightness and warmth for each light using a remote.

2. I have a small, 12 x 11 office space, which may be why these lights are a bit too bright, even on the lowest brightness setting. To counter that, I adjust the exposure in my recording settings.

I also purchased some filter sheets that I may attach to these lights eventually to bring down the brightness without adjusting the exposure.

3. I turn off my ceiling lights, which is super important. I didn’t do that in the beginning, and that resulted in a distracting glare above my head.

4. I also turn on a Neewer RGB light to add whatever color I want to the back wall and ceiling. I do that partially for a little flash, but also to add some variety to the look of my videos. I’m using 10 different colors at the moment that I cycle through.

Overall, my lighting setup isn’t super complicated or all that expensive.

Hope it helps!