Less Than Four Weeks Into Threads

Some of y’all have unreasonable expectations!

Less than four weeks into Threads, some of the negative feedback has been “interesting.” I keep seeing that the usage and engagement have dropped off.


The first few days was 24/7 FOMO. Threads was not going to maintain that early momentum.

But there are STILL close to 120 million users. That buzz will return with each big product update. Keep an eye on post search and a full web version.

I’ve seen some marketers complain about their number of followers and level of engagement. This is a bit of a wakeup call for some with big audiences who expect this to be easy.

You are starting over. You might actually need to work hard to grow.

We also can’t ignore the impact of bots. Threads is mostly bot-free right now which does impact followers and engagement. This is a good thing!

Overall, the simplicity of the app is a positive. There are very few numbers to obsess over.

For me, this has been where authentic engagement occurs. Real people are sharing real stories. They seem to share more deeply than they do elsewhere.

Threads will continue to evolve over the coming weeks and months but I do appreciate the current version of it. There’s something pure and special about it.

Ignore it at your own risk!