Less is More with Facebook Ads

Less is more with Facebook ads. Stop overthinking this stuff!

1. Keep optimization simple. What’s the action you want? Optimize for that.

2. Stop wasting time with targeting. Now that we have the Advantage expansion products, Meta wants you to go broad. In most cases, you should. In many cases, you don’t actually have a choice. Your audience will be expanded.

3. Stop messing with placements. You think certain placements won’t work. So what? The algorithm will sort it out. If you optimize for conversions, you should use Advantage Placements.

4. You usually don’t need to create a bunch of ad variations. You’re just watering down your results anyway. Use multiple text options and standard enhancements instead.

5. You don’t need all of those ad sets. You were probably using them for different audiences you don’t need anyway. That may result in audience fragmentation. Just stick with the one ad set.

6. Create campaigns to satisfy your business goals. That could be for top of the funnel (awareness, engagement, traffic), lead generation, and sales. You shouldn’t need much more than that.

There will always be exceptions (don’t come at me!), especially with higher budgets. But stop overthinking this stuff.

Keep it simple.