Lead Form Templates

Do you have this lead form update?

When using the Leads objective where Instant Forms is the conversion location, you may see a design change when creating the form. You’d have the option to Use a Template or create a form from scratch.

Lead Form Templates

When you use the Create a Form option, it looks exactly like the flow we’ve seen for a while now. If you Use a Template, it looks quite a bit different, at least at the initial screen.

Lead Form Templates

You can select from options of:

– Collect quick and easy information
– Qualify leads
– Offer gated content
– Capture high intent customers

When you select one of these templates and click Customize, it takes you back into the flow you’ve seen before. These templates provide some initial presets beyond simply selecting a form type.

Unfortunately, it’s not super exciting since there doesn’t appear to be new functionality here. But it could make things easier, especially for less experienced advertisers when creating new forms.

Do you have this update? What do you think?