Key to Consistent Content Creation

This is the key to consistent and prolific content creation…

I’ve published at least one video each day (about 200) and two blog posts each week (about 60) in 2023. I’ve done this while not always having a lot of time to create content.

How have I maintained that focus?

It’s not a consistent content creation routine. This is the advice you’ll typically hear. Set aside specific days or times of the day when you create this content. Batching videos is an example.

This makes sense in a perfect world. The problem is that life is messy. What happens when emergencies come up? When something impacts your routine? Content creation is the first task that gets pushed aside.

Specializing like this also assumes you’ll be inspired to record multiple videos or write multiple blog posts at that designated time. It just doesn’t work.

Here’s the solution…

Instead of prioritizing when you’ll CREATE your content, prioritize when you’ll PUBLISH it.

It’s a subtle alteration of how we approach content. I know that I’m publishing a video every day. And I know that I’m publishing blog posts on Monday and Wednesday. When I create doesn’t matter as long as those things get done.

When I find inspiration and time, I might record more videos at once. If I know I’ll be out of town like I have been this past month, I prioritize creating more content for when I’ll be gone.

Why? Because I know exactly when I have committed to publishing content, and I know I won’t be able to create during the times I’m gone. The publishing date is the motivation.

But if the focus were on when I create, I simply wouldn’t create when my schedule doesn’t allow for it. Or at least, I’ve seen evidence of this more times than I’d like to admit.

This is what I do, but let me know what you think!