Key to Consistent Advertising Success

It’s not some super complicated, secret hack. It’s not something that you need to buy a training course to access. It’s far simpler than that, and maybe even a little corny.


And not just a little bit of knowledge. It’s more than learning the step-by-step mechanics. It goes beyond the best practices and standard strategies or knowing how your favorite guru sets up their campaigns.

This is where so many newer advertisers struggle. They are obsessed with knowing the precise step-by-step of how to do something (when that often doesn’t exist). They want to know the secrets to how others do something so that they can do it, too.

But that’s not how true confidence in advertising — or anything — is found.

Know how everything works. Know why it works that way. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of that thing. When you should use it and when you might want to avoid it.

When you have this type of deep knowledge, everything starts to make more sense. Features and options begin to fit together. You see how you’re expected to use something based on the way features around it work.

Sometimes, the answer isn’t found in a course or tutorial. Sometimes, you can infer an answer because it’s logical based on how that thing works.

That truly is the foundation of all of my content. So many times, there’s been confusion about what something is for or what Meta intended. When you have that foundational understanding, you can make solid educated guesses that, more often than not, pan out.

Prioritize a basic understanding of how these things work and how we can apply them to our advertising. Worry less about how others might use it and focus more on how it can help you.

And if you want to build that foundational knowledge, without tricks and hacks, keep following my content.