Is the Meta Pixel About to Die?

Is the Meta pixel about to die?

Jon Morgenstern of Vayner Media shared an illuminating video on Wednesday. He was told by his ad rep that the pixel will die in three months. Here are my thoughts…

First, this is inevitable eventually. Meta will move towards first-party data from the conversions API.

We should take this news seriously, and it’s also worthy of skepticism. We’ve heard these promises from ad reps before. Most recently, the promised date we were hearing was this past January. Those promised dates came and went.

I trust Jonny, and even he isn’t 100% confident that this is actually going to happen. If this is solid info, my bet is the pixel doesn’t die in three months.

I can see Meta announcing this three months from now, but they’ll likely give multiple dates for how it will be phased out. That’s how Meta typically deprecates features.

That’s how I hope this will go. Advertisers need warning and they need an off-ramp to an easy alternative. I know. We’ve been hearing about this for years and you should already know about the Conversions API.

Don’t think of the big-budget or tech-savvy brands here. Think of all of the smaller and low-tech businesses not utilizing the API who would have no clue.

Is it possible that this is actually on the horizon? Absolutely. But my money is on a phased approach that will give brands time. Realistically, the first half of 2024 or so.

Otherwise, expect conversion reporting to crash and burn in three months if the pixel actually dies at that point. And Meta certainly doesn’t want that.

What do you think?