Is It Just Me?

This drives me crazy…

An advertiser shares their frustration on social media. CPMs are through the roof. Everything was great for the past month and suddenly stopped working. Ads Manager is underreporting, overreporting, or generally buggy.

“Is it just me? Are you having this, too?”

You’re guaranteed to get people to validate your frustrations.

“YES! This is happening to me, too! Something isn’t right!”

Your Results are YOUR Results

The reality is that in almost all cases, these examples are anecdotal. Your ad performance is impacted by limitless factors. Your costs, competition, and results stand by themselves.

You and I aren’t competing in the same auction. We aren’t promoting the same product. We don’t have the same audience. Whether you and I are both seeing “problems” right now is completely coincidental.

If you “confirm” my suspicions, it prevents me from addressing the actual problem. And that problem is likely completely within my control.

Don’t look for a global problem that explains your results. You’re guaranteed to get validation because other advertisers want to blame Meta for their bad results, too.

It’s In Your Control

You don’t need to do this.

Focus on the things that you control. There will never be perfect circumstances without competition or bugs or other challenges. The life of a Meta advertiser is littered with adversity and bumps in the road. It’s our normal. We thrive on it.

Keep your eye on the ball. It’s your ball. Your results. And you can take action.

Now win the damn game.