Instant Form Browser Add-On

The Instant Form Browser Add-On would be a pretty cool feature if it worked. Here’s what you do…

1. Create a campaign with the Leads objective.

2. Use Website as your conversion location.

3. Set your conversion event to something related to quality engagement if you can. I have a custom event for a 1-minute view that I use.

4. Create your ad to promote an article on your website. That’s right, not a lead gen page.

5. In the Destination section, enter the Website URL for that article.

6. Then under Browser Add-ons, select Instant Form and select or create your form.

This is a new feature that came out in June. It’s a lot like the Call Extension feature that’s been around a while. In that case, you send someone to a page of your website, but there’s a persistent Call button at the bottom.

Same concept here, but for an Instant form. We’re sending people to a page of our website, in this case a blog post. And then I can provide a persistent Subscribe button for my newsletter. That button would open an Instant Form while reading my blog post.

This is pretty sweet! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

I set it up and the ad itself never redirects to the website URL. It just opens the form, which defeats the whole point. I reported the bug, but maybe this video will help.

There’s lots of potential for this when it works!