Instagram Reels Bug and Business Suite

It looks like there’s a bug related to publishing and scheduling Instagram Reels from Meta Business Suite that is impacting delivery and views. Here are two examples…

I scheduled a video a couple of days ago through Meta Business Suite that has received only about 10 views. About four hours later, I republished it and that version received close to 1,000 views.

My next video was published (not scheduled) through Meta Business Suite. It, too, received about 10 views. I republished it about two hours later, and that version received more than 1,500 views.

The common thread is simple: The poorly performing Reels are published or scheduled from Meta Business Suite on desktop. The videos that are performing fine and normally are published directly from the Instagram app.

That doesn’t mean that you should never use Meta Business Suite to schedule and publish your Reels. I’ve done this for months without issues, and I still schedule my Facebook Reels that way (they are performing normally).

It just looks like there’s a bug right now, at least for me. So, if you publish or schedule Instagram Reels from Meta Business Suite, keep an eye on this.

What are you seeing?