Increased Budget Flexibility

Meta is rolling out a change that will allow them to spend up to 75% over your daily budget.

Budget Flexibility

When setting your budget in the ad set, your may see this message:

“Maximizing opportunities through greater daily budget flexibility. On days when better opportunities are available for you, we may spend up to 75% over your daily budget. On a weekly basis, we won’t spend more than 7 times your daily budget.”

For an example of a $20 daily budget, Meta normally says they’ll spend up to $25 on some days, which is an increase of up to 25%.

Budget Flexibility

Here, Meta says they’ll spend up to $35.

Budget Flexibility

While 75% is a potentially big increase, Meta willl spend no more than your budget over a 7-day period. If Meta does spend 75% over your budget one day, they’ll need to make up for that on others.

The potential for confusion is high, of course. It may appear that Meta is grossly over or under-spending. It’s still good to have this flexibility in the event your ads are performing really well. Meta can take advantage of that performance automatically.

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