Improve Video Workflow

Here’s a way to repurpose your video content to improve your workflow and save time.

Once I added Pinterest to my routine, the list of publishing destinations for my short-form videos has reach six platforms. That can be… a lot.

When I started in October, it was only TikTok. Then I added both Facebook and Instagram Reels. Then LinkedIn, followed by YouTube Shorts. And finally, why not? Pinterest.

I have two versions of the video and description that goes out, and I needed a more efficient way. That’s why I’m experimenting with

I’m only on a 14-day trial, but these are the workflows that I’ve created while I test it out.

Efficiency is so important. The number of steps involved with video planning, recording, editing, and publishing is dizzying. So you should do everything you can to eliminate steps.

Anything you’re doing to improve your workflow?