Impact of Shorts on My YouTube Channel

Here’s what happened once I started publishing to YouTube Shorts every day

I’ve had a YouTube channel since 2012, but I’ve used it very inconsistently. While I recently surpassed 15,000 subscribers, much of that growth happened during the first few years.

I’ve mostly neglected the channel for much of the past several years, posting a video sporadically and getting views and subscribers from mostly old videos.

And then I started my short-form video journey last October. Beginning in November, I decided to start sharing these videos to YouTube Shorts. I didn’t do anything special to them. They were the exact same videos that also appeared on TikTok and Reels.

I admit I was underwhelmed by my early results. And even today, I get far better traction elsewhere than I do on YouTube.

But, I’ve started to notice the impact of publishing a new video to Shorts every day. It just isn’t as noticeable looking at a single video.

In the 60 days prior to starting with YouTube Shorts, my videos attracted fewer than 3,000 views and about 100 new subscribers. During the most recent 60 days, those numbers have increased to 33,000 views and close to 500 new subscribers.

While these aren’t viral numbers by any means, they come from very little effort. Yes, the videos take a lot of effort, but I don’t create them with YouTube Shorts in mind. It just ends up being one of the several places I’m publishing them.

The impact is there, and it seems to be getting better.

What results are you seeing with YouTube Shorts?