Impact of Reels on My Instagram Profile

Here’s what happened after I published 250 Reels to Instagram in six months

Up until this point, I mostly neglected Instagram. I used it as an ad placement. I still had around 5,000 followers. But I didn’t regularly add content.

In fact, I had added only 16 videos total up until that point. Most of my posts were of my kids or dog.

And then I started my short-form video journey in October of last year. From that point forward, I published more than 250 Reels to Instagram in six months.

The impact has been significant. Instagram reach, profile visits, and followers are all up exponentially. It shouldn’t be a surprise.

But what may be surprising is that this took very little effort. The reason is that I spend very little time on Instagram. Instead, I publish the same video there that I publish to six platforms in all (at least, sometimes more).

Would it be ideal if I created content exclusively for Instagram and spent a lot of time on the platform? Sure. But I don’t have that time. So the options are this approach or continuing to avoid Instagram entirely.

This is evidence that you can publish identical content to multiple platforms and make a positive impact. The result of this is that Instagram has become one of my biggest business drivers.

What do you think?