Impact of Daily Videos on TikTok Growth

Here’s how publishing a video every day helped me grow on TikTok…

I first committed to short-form video with TikTok in mind in September of 2022. With a combination of a crazy number of videos and some ads during the final three months, I grew to 5,700 initial followers.

About 3,000 of those initial 5,700 followers were from ads. There’s nothing wrong with ads, but ads for top-of-the-funnel actions like followers often lead to low-quality results. We see this with Meta ads, too.

That said, my strategy of publishing a video every day in 2023 netted an additional 23,000 followers — all accumulated organically. While I published the same video on five platforms, that activity impacted audience growth the most on TikTok. It wasn’t close.


Of course, the number of followers doesn’t mean a whole lot, but it’s one way to measure impact. Views and engagement were up and down all year for me, which is kind of how TikTok goes. Some weeks I felt like a video god, and others I struggled to get 1,000 views on a video.

That said, my goal isn’t to go viral since I don’t monetize my videos. I know, only people who don’t go viral say they don’t want to go viral. But my only goal is to reach the right people who want to learn more about Meta ads so they’ll think of me when they need help later.

Amazingly, TikTok became my fastest-growing platform in 2023, and I regularly get business opportunities from DMs. This is quite the development since a year and a half ago, I never thought I’d get involved on TikTok at all.

It was a great first full year on TikTok, and I plan to keep this strategy going in 2024. It truly feels like the sky’s the limit if I continue what’s already working. I’m just getting started.

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