I Don’t Batch My Videos

I don’t technically batch my videos…

I’m often asked about my routine for recording and editing. The assumption is that I batch them. In other words, I set aside a specific day to record a bunch at once.

That doesn’t work for me. I don’t set a specific day and time to record because I need flexibility.

I tried batching in the beginning, but I found that I often struggled to generate the ideas and scripts for that day. It felt like forcing inspiration. It was also exhausting!

Instead, I keep a running list of video ideas in my Notes app. I then take those ideas and turn them into scripts. When I have at least one script done and time to record, I’ll record everything that I have. That could be one video or up to three or four.

My entire process is driven by one goal: I will publish at least one video every day.

This is what motivates me to keep the topic list updated and to regularly turn those ideas into scripts. And then to ultimately record and edit those videos.

That’s what I do, and what I’ve found works best for my creativity and routine.

What about you?