I Cloned My Voice to Create this Video

I cloned my voice to create this video…

Maybe it didn’t fool you, but this stuff is only getting better.

I used Play H.T. with the high-fidelity cloning option. I uploaded 39 of my short-form videos to train it on. It took about an hour for the app to go through more than 30 minutes of audio to complete the clone.

I’m not looking to replace myself with this type of app. The primary way I might use this type of technology is for creating audio versions of my blog posts. I could submit the text of my blog posts to generate the audio file, and then embed an audio player at the top of each post.

This could be helpful as long as the cloned voice is accurate and realistic. If it’s not, it would just be distracting and lose its value.

What do you think? Is this close enough to a human voice to provide value?