How to View Deleted Ads

It’s possible that you deleted ads in the past and you now need to see their results. If you run a search by name for those ads, they won’t appear.

Deleted Ads

You can uncover them with a small trick.

Within the Ads Manager search bar, type in “deleted.” Select each of these options:

  • Campaign delivery is deleted
  • Ad set delivery is deleted
  • Ad delivery is deleted
View Deleted Ads

You will then see all campaigns, ad sets, and ads that you’ve deleted.

Deleted Ads

The Off/On column will be grayed out and you won’t be able to turn these deleted ads back on. But you can at least see how they performed.

Ideally, you will only delete ads before they are delivered. But mistakes happen, and maybe you had a reason for deleting an ad at some point.

This is how you find it.