How to Track Clicks on Site Links

There’s one problem with Site Links: Tracking.

Meta recently launched Site Links, which allows you to add scrollable links below ad creative.

Site Links

While these only appear on Facebook feed placements, it’s logical to want to know whether anyone is clicking them.


My first thought was to use the breakdown by Dynamic Creative Element and select Website URL. This should capture all URLs that were clicked.

Breakdown by Website URL

While I’m not positive that this should grab Site Links when they’re clicked, this breakdown isn’t currently working anyway.

URL Parameters

The next logical option would be to add URL parameters to your Site Links. This could also be used for getting additional data from GA4.

Here’s an example…

Site Links URL Parameters

You can then create custom conversions based on URLs that include those parameters. That way, you can isolate clicks to those URLs that were from your Site Links.

Site Links URL Parameters Custom Conversion

Then add columns to your Ads Manager.

Site Links Custom Conversion

Admittedly, I’m not seeing any results here yet, and you probably won’t see much without a high budget.

Site Links Custom Conversion

Site links just aren’t a dominant feature, and the placement limitation means it will happen even less. But when you add tracking, you’ll at least know when that happens.