How to Name Your Campaigns

An underrated advertising skill is the ability to name your assets. Here’s how to name your campaigns, ad sets, and ads…

It’s so simple, yet so many fail at it. Your naming convention needs to be easy for you to understand so that you immediately know what’s happening within that campaign, ad set, or ad and what makes it different from the others

But it should also be easy for someone else to understand when they look at the account. It’s truly not complicated.

For campaigns:

– What are you promoting?
– What is your objective?

For ad sets:

– Who are you targeting?
– What countries are included?
– What is your performance goal?
– Are you using manual bidding?
– What placements are you using?

And for the ad:

– What is the format?
– What makes this piece of creative unique?
– Is Advantage+ Creative on or off?

Anything that is variable, that you often change, mention it in the name.

Ads Manager actually offers name templates. The home for these is in your Ad Account Settings. Templates can automatically pull some of these fields into your name.

Personally, I prefer to do it manually but do what works for you. How do you name your assets?