How Long Should Short-Form Videos Be?

Let’s not get lost in the algorithms. They change. And we don’t want to chase what we think an algorithm favors. You’ll drive yourself crazy.

All of my videos are under 60 seconds long. Here’s why…

First, I repurpose my videos to multiple platforms. Until recently, the time limit on Facebook Reels was 60 seconds. Even though it’s now 90 seconds, the time limit on YouTube Shorts is 60 seconds.

By keeping all of my videos under a minute, it simplifies my workflow. I don’t need to create multiple versions of my video. But it’s more than that.

Does it really need to be longer than a minute? It is a short-form video, after all. If it’s going to take you longer than a minute to get out a point, maybe you should break it up into multiple videos.

I’ve found that, especially on TikTok, I tune out if a video is going too long. Videos that drag on stand out on that platform especially, and not in a good way.

So that’s what I do. How about you?