How Long Should it Take to Gain Traction?

How long should it take content creators to gain traction? Probably longer than you think…

So many content creators give up because they have unreasonable expectations. You need to consistently and obsessively create content.

Not for a few weeks. Not for a few months.

In The Greatest Marketing Book Ever, Mark Schaefer estimates that it takes 18 months of consistent content creation to gain traction. Sound like a lot?

Mr. Beast, the most-viewed YouTuber on the planet, started his channel in 2012. He reached 30,000 subscribers four years later in 2016. He didn’t go viral until 2017, and that’s what shot him to more than 1 Million.

Sure, he was 13 when he started, but he was obsessed with figuring out a way to game the algorithm.

There’s a reason, as Mark Schaefer said, the biggest mistake is that people quit too soon. Whether it’s 18 months or four years, that’s a long time.

People get impatient. It’s freaking hard.

I started consistently publishing videos on TikTok one year ago yesterday. I’m about to hit 20,000 followers. I know that there’s plenty more growth possible, but only if I remain obsessively consistent.

Thanks so much for being a part of my journey during the past year. There’s so much more to come.