How is advantage+ Audience Different?

How is this any different?

Advantage+ Audience and the other audience expansion tools seem very similar. In each case, it seems to start with a prioritized audience and then go broader.

How is Advantage+ Audience different or better?

First, the roles of age and gender. When you use Advantage audience expansion (Advantage Detailed Targeting, Advantage Lookalike, or Advantage Custom Audience), Meta respects inputs for age and gender when expanding your audience. When you provide age and gender for Advantage+ Audience, they’re only suggestions.

Second, the extent of expansion. Meta says in their documentation that Advantage+ Audience can go much broader than when using the Advantage expansion products (Meta considers this an advantage to get you the best results).

Third, the power of AI. Advantage+ Audience uses AI to build your audience based on pixel and conversion history and ad engagement. Advantage Expansion is based on your initial audience and the performance of your ad set.

The difference is subtle, but there is a difference. Meta also says Advantage+ Audience leads to better results than the other options.

My bet is that Advantage+ Audience will eventually replace the other options entirely. There’s no reason to keep them if Advantage+ Audience is more effective.

Have you started experimenting with Advantage+ Audience yet? What do you think?