How Detailed Targeting Logic Works

Do you understand how Detailed Targeting logic works in Facebook Ads Manager? A lot of advertisers don’t!

If you list multiple interests in Detailed Targeting, it’s an “OR” statement by default. So, for someone to be targeted, they must have Interest 1 OR Interest 2.

But, you can click the “Narrow” button to add some “AND” logic. When you do that, someone must be part of that first group of interests AND also be part of the second interest (or group of interests) to qualify for targeting.

You can also exclude interests, which is now getting way more complicated than it needs to be. Especially since the algorithm wants you to go broad and expansion will be on if you’re optimizing for a conversion, this may be more effort than it’s worth.

Still, there are times when this may be something you want to try. And I get asked about this logic A LOT!