How ChatGPT Sent Me Business

This is a crazy example of how ChatGPT sent me business.

Someone sent me a screenshot today of what he experienced on ChatGPT. He asked for recommendations to learn Facebook ads best practices. ChatGPT named me immediately after Facebook Blueprint.

One important point is that not only did ChatGPT recommend me, but it provided a link to my website. This is something many of us have worried about. It’s reassuring.

So, the story continues. This person then clicks on that link and goes to my website. He then signs up for a membership.

He never heard of me before. But because ChatGPT recommended me, he is a new member of my community.

Now, this is a huge benefit. But of course, the question becomes how I can continue to benefit from this — and how you can, too.

A promoted recommendation wouldn’t be any good. So, why was I recommended here? And why have I seen this type of recommendation so many times?

There isn’t really a secret. There’s no hack. It’s a decade-plus of hard work and reputation. There’s no guarantee that ChatGPT will continue to recommend me and send me business.

But I’m going to appreciate it while it does…