Highlight Promo Codes in Your Ads

This is a feature that not everyone has yet. It’s available for Sales campaigns where Website is your conversion location.

Sales Campaign Website Conversion Location

You will also need to use of these conversion events:

  • Add payment info
  • Add to wishlist
  • Add to cart
  • Purchase
  • Initiate checkout
  • Start trial
  • Subscribe

Within the Ad

At the ad level, you can toggle on “Highlight your promo codes.” You’ll then have two options to highlight promo codes.

Highlight Promo Codes

One option is to automatically source codes. Meta will find codes that are mentioned in your ad creative, existing ad inventory, your website, or any synced offers in your Commerce Manager.

I don’t use promo codes often, so I was initially unable to use this option.

Highlight Promo Codes

But once I mentioned a promo code in my ad copy, that changed.

Highlight Promo Codes

Meta will automatically update active and eligible codes. If multiple codes are sourced, Meta will highlight a code the ad delivery system determines will be most effective.

You can also manually add a code, which removes the guessing of what code will be used.

What Happens?

If someone clicks the ad and goes to your website from an in-app browser, the promo code can be automatically applied at checkout. Otherwise, they can easily copy and paste the code.

While testing this, I have not been able to see this in action. My previews don’t reflect the promo code highlight, and the test version from my phone doesn’t look any different. I assume this is an early bug.

Benefits and Results

Meta says that advertisers using this feature saw a 10% median increase in conversion rate and a 9% drop in Cost Per Purchase. This isn’t shocking since discounts often get people to make purchases, and this feature makes applying those discounts easier than ever.

Is this a feature you’ll use?