Grow to 10,000 Followers on TikTok

This is how I grew to 10,000 followers in under six months on TikTok.

First, let’s be clear: The number of followers isn’t everything. It truly does matter (let’s not lie to ourselves), but the overall quality of the audience and level of engagement are most important.

Here’s what I did.

1. Ads. I increased my audience with TikTok ads during the first month and a half of creating videos, resulting in more than 3,000 followers. This was helpful during a time when engagement was otherwise difficult. I will say that the quality of that audience, though, likely wasn’t great (despite many efforts to improve the targeting).

2. Consistency. I was committed to video creation and had a routine. I expected to create a video as I built it into my schedule. My audience, too, could expect to see my videos due to this consistency.

3. Volume. I wasn’t publishing once or twice a week. I published 70 videos during the first month (which was challenging, to say the least). Since then, I’ve published most days, including every day of 2023. That volume and velocity allow me to learn quickly and get better. But it also gives me more opportunities to put out a video that may resonate, rather than relying on a video that flops.

Not mentioned in the video, but I also didn’t care about going viral. That didn’t help me grow faster, of course. But I did this without misleading hooks and lame trends. Going viral isn’t even necessarily a good thing since you’ll attract people who may not care about your later content.

The. combination of these things has allowed me to build my audience rather quickly while also building up the engagement that I can expect. I’m now seeing more engagement on TikTok on other platforms that I have managed for years.