Generative AI Features for Ads

Meta has started rolling out generative AI features for ads.

We first heard about these features back in May, and the global rollout will complete by next year. The three features include:

1. Background Generation
2. Image Expansion
3. Text Variations

Background Generation was added to Advantage+ Creative and will automatically generate multiple background variations for some of your images. This only applies to Advantage+ Catalog ads, and you won’t be able to breakdown performance by creative variation.

Image Expansion was also added to Advantage+ Creative, but it’s for the manual upload ad setup. Meta will automatically expand images to fit different aspect ratios by auto-generating new pixels to fit the space.

Text Variations uses AI to generate up to 6 variations of text based on your primary text inputs. I’ve found that these variations often include emojis and hashtags. You can manually select which of these Text Variations to use.

Do you have any of these generative AI features yet?