Four Types of Facebook Ad Clicks

Do you understand the difference between the four types of Facebook ads clicks? Most advertisers don’t.

1. Clicks (All) is what it sounds like. It includes link clicks to your website, but it also includes all of the clicks on your ads like comments, shares, reactions, and more. You’ll get the most of these.

2. Link Clicks is a bit misleading. Yes, it includes clicks on links to your website, but it also includes clicks on CTA buttons, clicks to Shops, lead forms, Marketplace, and playable experiences, like videos. You should not use Link Clicks and Cost Per Link Click when measuring your ability to send traffic to your website.

3. Outbound Clicks may be the most underused metric. Most advertisers don’t even know it exists, but it may actually be the best solution for measuring traffic from your ad to an external app or website. This only includes clicks on links that take people outside of Facebook (or the Meta family of apps).

4. Landing Page Views require you have the pixel installed to optimize for it. It measures the number of times someone clicked a link in your ad and led someone to your website, where the pixel and page loaded. This wouldn’t work, of course, for a website you don’t control (Amazon). And this also strangely includes Instant Experience.

Have you been using these properly?