Flexible Formats Creative Optimization

There’s a new creative optimization option in Ads Manager…

Using only the Traffic objective for now, select the Website conversion location.

Website Conversion Location

When you create an ad, you’ll see something new under format. You have options of single image or video, carousel, or collection. But there’s also an option for Flexible.

Flexible Format Creative Optimization

It says: “We’ll show your ad in the format we predict may perform best.”

When you select it, you’ll be able to add up to 10 images or videos. This can be a combination of images and videos, unlike Dynamic Creative which requires one format.

Flexible Format Creative Optimization

It can also turn those images into carousels.

Flexible Format Creative Optimization

You can turn on Optimize Creative For Each Person, which will “vary your ad creative and destination based on each person’s likelihood to respond.”

Flexible Format Creative Optimization

One challenge is it doesn’t look like you can customize by placement. There aren’t any controls that I can see, but maybe it’ll figure it out for you.

Flexible Format Creative Optimization

It’s also not clear what the recommended sizes are, but it seems square images make the most sense since they can be made into carousels. Instructions are minimal, and limited to what appears in the ad creation flow. I haven’t seen any official documentation for this.

Overall, this seems super interesting, but it also appears to be an early stage version. I’m hoping Meta adds some ability to customize by placement and apply this to other objectives (I do not use the Traffic objective!).

Have you experimented with this yet?