What is First Conversion Reporting?

Meta is rolling out First Conversion reporting. Do you have it yet?

Here’s what you need to know…

Access it

Within Ads Manager, click the Columns dropdown menu and select Compare Attribution Settings.

Compare Attribution Settings

If you have this update, once you select any of the attribution settings to compare, you’ll see these three options:

Compare Attribution Settings
  1. All Conversions: See every conversion that happened after an ad view or click.
  2. First Conversion: See only the first conversion that happened after an ad view or click.
  3. Both.

The default is All Conversions, which is what advertisers have always seen until now.

What Is It?

The definition for First Conversion is a bit confusing. By counting the first conversion, that doesn’t mean that only the first conversion of the visit is counted. Instead, this means that Meta will only count the first of a specific conversion type.

For example, if someone clicks your ad and then fires…

  • 2 View Content
  • 2 Add to Cart
  • 1 Purchase

Meta will report…

  • 1 View Content
  • 1 Add to Cart
  • 1 Purchase

It may be best to use both All and First to get the full picture. This will help provide additional context to your reporting, especially if you feel that conversion numbers are sometimes inflated.

I have a whole lot more to say about this, and I’ll record another video or two. Stay on the lookout! In the meantime, make sure to test it out.