First Conversion Reporting Doesn’t Replace All Conversions

First Conversion reporting doesn’t replace All Conversions. It’s still helpful. Here’s what I mean…

The Role of First Conversion

Meta is rolling out the option to view First Conversion reporting when comparing attribution settings.

First Conversion Attribution

This allows you to see the first conversion that happened after an ad view or click. If someone clicks your ad and executes multiple Content Views or purchases, the reporting will only be for the first.

This is helpful for times when reporting can seem inflated.

It Contributes to the Story

I’ve seen some advertisers suggest that this option is superior to the default All Conversions option. But use First Conversion in addition to the All Conversions option, and not in place of it.

I compare this to what we should do with view-through conversions. They’re flawed. They aren’t as valuable as one-day click. But, it doesn’t mean you should ignore them completely.

Viewing All Conversions can lead to overvaluing inflated results if you’re not careful. But, being careful is a part of your responsibility.

Your job as an advertiser is to take all of this information and make sense of it. Some info is more valuable than others, but they all contribute to the story of ad performance.