Find the Meta Ads CPM by Country

I created a campaign that collected leads across multiple countries. In order to do that, I’d need to group countries by similar CPM. Here’s how to figure out CPM by country across your ad account…

You can’t do this in the main Ads Manager interface. You can go to the final row of your results to get an overall CPM, but breaking down by Country there will give you the country CPM by campaign.

Go to your custom ad reports and create a new report. The only metric we care about here is CPM, but feel free to include others if you want. The only breakdown we want is country. Remove everything else like campaign name and ad set name. You will then get a breakdown of CPM by country.

If you want, you can add layers to this. You can instead look at the CPM by country, but break it down by objective. So click the Objective breakdown. And then you’ll see the CPM you are getting for each country by objective.

Feel free to knock yourself with other breakdowns as well. You can even create custom breakdowns, but this will get you started.