Facebook Removes Rooms from Groups

Facebook is removing Rooms from Groups.

We received the following message when starting a Room in my private Facebook group:

“Rooms in groups will be removed on November 16. Starting November 10, new group rooms can’t be created. Following 30 days of no activity in a group room, any data you have related to the room will be deleted.”

If you aren’t familiar with Rooms, they’re basically like a Zoom meeting with multiple people on Facebook. Rooms is technically a Messenger product that’s been folded into Groups.

What’s strange is that I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere. There’s no official documentation or announcement from Facebook (that I’ve seen) beyond this alert.

I’m also not sure if this means that Rooms are going away everywhere, or just in Facebook groups.

It’s possible that this isn’t a popular feature. But we’ve been using Rooms every week in my private community for Strategy Sessions and other group discussions. I’d rather not lose this, but we’ll likely go back to using Zoom when it goes away.

Does this impact your group?