Facebook Page DM Scams

These DM scams on Facebook are a joke…

Each of these DMs follows the same playbook.

1. They claim to be Meta.

2. They even use Meta logos.

3. They claim you’ve violated community standards.

4. If you don’t reply within 24 hours, your page will be locked or removed.

5. To appeal, they provide a link that you definitely should not click. It’s surely a phishing link, and if you click it, it’s likely your page will be taken over by these same scammers.

What’s frustrating is that these scams are so easy to detect. Some are word-for-word copies. Even when they’re in a language I don’t speak, it’s obvious they’re following the same playbook.

Yet, despite machine learning and AI resources, Meta can’t do anything about it.

You’d think that eliminating this garbage would be a high priority. Not only do these scams put businesses at risk, which puts Meta’s revenue at risk, they’re posing as Meta!

This is a problem of Meta’s own making, and page admins are wasting time dealing with it. Agencies are terrified that someone is going to click one of those links.

Meta, do something!