Extend Attribution Uploads to 90 Days

Events Manager has changed recently, so I’ve been poking around to see if anything important has changed. I spotted this within the Events Manager Settings.

First, Extend Attribution Uploads:

“Allow attributions on impressions that are 90 days old by extending the number of days your ad can receive credit for an uploaded event after it has occurred. Extensions will only be applied to offline events from a physical store.”

And then Allow Historical Conversion Uploads:

“Allow more time to upload conversion events by extending the upload window from 7 days to 90 days. Use only if your businesses can’t upload events within at least 7 days after occurrence. Extensions will only be applied to offline events from a physical store.”

Keep in mind that I have limited exposure to offline events and physical stores, so I don’t have any first-hand experience here. But I’m not finding documentation from Meta, so I’m only able to make my own interpretations.

Extend Attribution Uploads could mean a couple of things. It could mean extending the number of days from when someone sees your ads to converting in store to 90 days and still get attributed. It’s possible I’m misreading this.

Maybe it instead means that the typical attribution windows continue to apply, but my other interpretation seems to be more in line with what Allow Historical Conversion Uploads is — simply allowing more time to upload the data.

I get that offline events from in-store conversions are a different animal — and an animal I have done very little with — so I’m probably missing something obvious here.

Are these features new? They’re new to me.

What do they mean?