Embrace That It Depends

If you’re a Facebook advertiser, embrace the phrase “It Depends…”

You’ll use this phrase to answer questions from potential clients, current clients, and higher-ups. It’s not a copout.

Too many questions about Facebook advertising assume an easy answer. But this stuff isn’t black and white. Don’t try to give universal answers to questions that require nuance.

Set expectations adequately. Don’t over-promise.

It depends on your industry, your product, copy and creative, your budget, your website, your reputation, and so much more. There are so many factors that contribute to what you should expect and whether or not something will work.

Know that answering IT DEPENDS is good enough. You can provide a general range or some possibilities of what to expect, but make it very clear that this stuff is rarely predictable.

So much as an advertiser is actually out of your hands. Some of the variables that are out of your control will be an advantage. But some of it will put you behind the eight ball and make success difficult.

Understand these factors. Embrace that IT DEPENDS.